Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Turkey on the Hit List

Yesterday, I was down at the family farm doing some plowing. On my way to the fields, I saw a flock of 4 turkeys in a field that borders one of ours. Later on that afternoon, I saw this same flock in the same field, but about 100 yards away. I looked like there might have been a couple of nice toms in the flock, but they never got close enough for me to tell for sure.

Well, on my way back to the farm from the field, I saw a familiar turkey limping across the same small field where I had saw a turkey a few days back. Wouldn't you know it, this turkey was limping his way across the field, and headed on a collision course with the John Deere. Not being able to run very well, the turkey took to flight about 10 feet in front of the tractor and landed in a swamp across the road. This was the same limping turkey from Sunday morning and he was crossing in the same exact spot, but this time headed in the opposite direction.

I have decided to nickname this turkey "Gimpy" because of his pimp limp and have made him the inaugural selection for my hit list.. I think I have his travel route figured out now and the first chance I get, I am going to set up on the edge of the small field where he crosses. I have hypothesized that he roosts on the opposite side of the road from the small field because when I have seen him in the morning, he is headed from that area. Last evening, I saw him heading back towards the suspected roost. Not knowing exactly where his roost is (I believe it is off of our property), I am planning on ambushing him along his travel route in the early morning or late evening. So far, I have only encountered him in my truck and in the tractor, but am looking forward to meeting him when I have the ole Hoyt in hand.

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