Monday, May 4, 2009

Turkey's Everywhere

The weather here in MI has finally broke (crossed fingers), and it seems the turkeys are out in full force. This past weekend, I went down to my Grandpa's farm to get equipment ready for the planting season, as all the rain that fell during the last week put a hold on fieldwork. On my drive down to the farm Saturday, I saw plenty of turkey action. Not 25 yards from a major highway, two nice toms were in full strut trying their best to seduce a hen not far away. I also saw two lone toms, each in full strut on a hilltop for all the ladies to see. When I arrived at the farm, my Grandpa informed me that he had saw a turkey heading across the field (hen or jake) in a spot where I had saw one earlier this year. Sunday morning on my way over to the farm, two hens crossed the road in front of me, heading into a swamp on our property. Now all these turkey sightings had really started to get me fired up, as my season was only a day away. Then, just down the road from my Grandpa's, a lone tom was limping across a small field. I could tell the bird was injured, most likely the result of a battle with another tom. He had a decent sized beard, probably 8-10", and was good sized. All these sightings really have given me high hopes for the season, and I seem to have identified some frequently used travel routes. Hopefully, a nice tom will decide to stroll down one when I'm posted up!!

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