Sunday, August 30, 2009

Geared Up- Elk style

With the big elk trip looming less than 5 days away, I figured I better make a run to Cabela's to round out my gear (I about had a coronary at the checkout counter). Dbo put together an awesome spreadsheet gear checklist that helped tame the swirling cloud of information that was chaotically consuming my brain. My duplicate hunter's safety card found it's way to my mailbox yesterday (you need to carry it in the field in Colorado) and my tag should be here tomorrow morning which should complete the checklist and I will be officially geared up.

Shell: Under Armour Ayton Jacket and Pants
Lightweight and built tough, Under Armour is a quality product. The jacket and pants both feature UA's moisture wicking system, to keep you dry. The jacket feature 2 zip pockets that vents down each side along where your ribs are. The shell is tightly woven and water resistant and the interior is fleece lined. The pants feature reinforced construction at critical points: belt line, knees and cuffs. They have duel cargo pockets, as well as side front pockets. These are also fleece lined to help on those chilly days. There are zippers run the length of the calfs to aid in easy removal over boots. Both jacket and pants are in Realtree AP.

Base Layers: Under Armour Heat Gear Long Sleeve and Leggings
Another UA product, Heat Gear transfers moisture and body heat away from your skin. They are compression fit to help support muscles and stimulate blood flow. I was lucky to pick these up at a closeout price and had to dig through the racks to find some that were "closeout priced." I plan on ditching the jacket if it gets too warm and these layers are built to stand alone, except maybe the leggings, I'm not sure if Dbo or Daryn want to see me trekking around the Rockies in skin tight leggings!

Socks: Under Armour Performance Crew
Cotton is a big no no in the backcountry and these are made of synthetic materials that are designed to transport moisture. They also are reinforced and padded in all the critical contact points to help fight off blisters. They also are designed to lift and support the arch of your foot, making your hike a whole lot easier on the ole feet.

Underwear: Off brand poly blend
I picked these up without the intentions for back country use, however they are perfect. As mentioned before, cotton is a big no go and these are made of a poly blend to transfer moisture and not stick to you like glue.

Scent Control: Hunter Specialties Scent-A-Way Kit
I originally was going to stock up on Dead Down Wind products but could not pass up this deal. The Hunter's Specialties Scent A Way kit inlcuded everything needed to remain undetected by a slobbering bull at 20 yards.
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Liquid Body Soap & Shampoo
  • Field Body Foam
  • Lip Balm (SPF 15)
  • Anti Perspirant Deodorant
  • Scent-A-Way Spray
  • Scent Safe Storage Bag
  • Fresh Earth Scent Wafers

Water Bottle: Nalgene Type with Survival Kit
I found a sweet combo kit that included a steel capped water bottle that happened to be stuffed with emergency survival gear, well at least enough to make it through a night or two. For the price of a bottle alone, I was able to upgrade to this kit for a few bucks more. It's contents include:
  • Carabiner
  • Multi Function Tool
  • Multi Function Whistle/Compass
  • Flashlight + Batteries
  • Survival Blanket
  • Hand Warmer Packets
  • Candle
  • Waterproof Matches
  • Emergency Poncho
  • First Aid Kit
  • Zipper Lock Bag

Boots: Hi Tec Nova Lite Mid Top
I got these for a great price and after trying on over a dozen pairs, these had the most bang for the buck. They feature waterproof construction, breathable removable sock liners, and a carbon outer sole. They have flexure grooves on the treads in all the right spots. What sold me on these was the fact that they are lightweight, offer ankle support, and felt like an athletic shoe. The tongues are also sewn into the rest of the boot to keep debris at bay.

Headlamp: Cabelas Alaska Guide Xenon
I picked this up on clearance for almost half off. It features Lexan lense, Kraton bezel, Xenoy body, and game safe night vision in green color leds. It operates on 3 AA batteries and weighs in at only 8 oz. It has a 60 yards range, 32 lumens and runs 5 hours on Xenon or 120 hours on LEDS. As you can see from the picture, it also has my crooked tailed cat's approval.

Face Camo: Camo FX
I received this in a gift pack from Bowcast and will be putting it to good use. It is non greasy, and washes off easily with water. The face paint comes in an applicator similar to a stick of deodorant and features 3 colors, brown and 2 tones of green.

Misc. Gear on Loan or Mentioned by Dbo
  • Badlands 4500 Internal Frame Pack
  • Minox 10x42 Bino's
  • Therma rest Lite sleeping pad
  • Kelty Gunnison 2 Tent
  • Mountain House Meals
  • Primos Pack Bugle and various mouth calls
  • Piranta Z Knife
  • Rapala Fillet knife (for boning)
  • Garmin H GPS
  • Bushnell Range Finder

I cannot thank Dbo and Deryder enough for all their hard work put into planning this trip. Unfortunately, Deryder has a baseball sized hole in his back from recent surgery and we're still hoping he can make it out somehow. I would like to thank Dbo and Deryder for loaning me all the gear that I did not have, it made it way easier on the ole wallet and made this trip possible.

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